T.M.I- Israel Manufacturers Recycling Corporation Ltd. Establishment

Founded by the Israel Manufacturers Association, this company was established to allow manufacturers and importers of packaged products and service packages to fulfill all obligations under the packaging laws.The shareholders in T.M.I include: the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Tnuva Cooperative Center for the Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Israel Inc., Osem investments Inc., Strauss Group Inc., Central soft drink produce company Inc., Uniliver Israel Inc., Hogla-Kimberly Inc., Shlomo A Angel Inc., Shufersal Inc., Gan Shmuel Foods Inc., Yafora- Tavori Inc., Sano Industries Inc., Tempo Beverages Inc.

Perlman & Co. accompanied the Manufacturers Association giving economic solutions during the legislation in the Knesset, formed the economic model, the Corporations’ basis business plan, prepared the application for acknowledgement of the Corporation to the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection along with Ron Gazit Rotenberg & Co. Law firm , and built the rates structure for the corporation.