Isotope is a company that does manufacturing and marketing for Molecular imaging products. Among other things, Isotope develops technetium using generators that are purchased from Aisord and sells it to medical institutions. Aisord Ltd. is a governmental company owned by Soreq Nuclear Research Center, who deal with the manufacture and marketing of Radio Pharmaceuticals in Israel. Aisord manufactures devices called "generators" that are used to produce technetium (Tc99), a radioactive substance used in various nuclear medicine imaging tests. Aisord is the only Israeli company that has the ability to produce these generators. In business operations, it markets both their generators and single doses of technetium. Isotope sued Aisord, claiming exploitation by a monopoly, and filed a financial analysis report done by Mr. M. Perlman to support their claims.

The parties reached a settlement agreement which brought a legal dispute between them to an end and which was approved by the court. In addition to a financial compensation, an arrangement was established for settling future disputes that may occur- it was agreed that any of the parties may contact Mr. M. Perlman as an arbitrator with the authority to decide for the two companies how to resolve the specific argument.

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